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Living a life of purpose is the right of all persons.
It is not reserved for the privileged few.

- Tim Low

Living a life of purpose is the right of all persons.
It is not reserved for the privileged few.

- Tim Low

How anyone can afford to Live their Purpose

We believe that everyone deserves to live a purposeful life, and not just the select wealthy few.  What's more, everyone can afford to, as long as they learn how. 

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The problem is that most people are dependent on a single income, and while that might be enough to sustain their lifestyle, there isn’t a lot left over to spend on chasing their dreams of fulfilling their Purpose.


And even among those that have the finances, many struggle to find time for themselves, let alone to pursue their Purpose.

Why we must all live our Purpose


We believe that everyone not just deserves to live their Purpose, each and every one of us, owes it to the world to live our Purpose.


That is my firm belief, and that’s why I’m so passionate about Purpostry.


Imagine if the Wright Brothers didn’t pursue their Purpose to invent a flying machine.  We would all still be sailing.  They followed their dream, and it was because they followed their dream, that we now have flight.


However, when they followed their dream, they were called dreamers, even by their own father.

We all have the power to Live our Purpose


That’s sad, because that’s where the power to live your Purpose, to fulfill your dreams, and to change the world, just like the Wright Bros did – that’s where the power comes from.


Your dreams.


I firmly believe that every single one of us, was created with the Potential to fulfill our dreams.  And that includes you. 


If we didn’t have the power to fulfill those dreams, we wouldn’t have those dreams.


The gift of those dreams, comes with the gift of the power to fulfill those dreams.


But we’ve been taught not to be “dreamers”.  To keep our feet firmly on the ground.


I say to you – “Awaken those dreams, for in them is your Potential and the Power to be able to fulfill that Potential.”


And it is by living your Potential in that way that you give value to the world.


That’s how we’ll leave this world a better place than when we came in.  That’s fulfilling.


And creating that value is how we all get paid.  The more value you create or give, the more you get paid.


That’s why you pay more when you eat at a restaurant, than when you eat at a street food vendor.  The restaurant gives more value – you get to sit, you get served.


But how do you give that value you might ask?


That Potential to create, and give that value is in your dreams.  Give yourself permission to follow them, and in that way, you’ll be living your Pupose, using the power of your Potential, and you’ll be getting paid to do it!

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The real reason why we can't afford to live our Purpose


The challenge, as we said in the beginning, is that many of us have one income, and we can’t afford to lose it.


And we can’t afford to lose it because we have a never ending stream of expenses.


That’s because we have a portfolio of expenses, but only one income.


Most millionaires have 7 streams of income.


That’s why we need to create a portfolio of income that works like our portfolio of expenses.  Income that never quits, and carries on making money for us whether or not we’re paying attention to them.


Only when we have a portfolio of income that works that way, will we be able to have the time and financial freedom, and most importantly, the peace of mind to truly live our Purpose.


The challenge is this - many work hard to keep their first income streams, whether it’s a job or a business, and struggle to build a second. 


This struggle is unnecessary, and this struggle is caused by a false belief that one needs to master a skill before one is able to meaningfully use that skill to earn a second stream of income.

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The solution that will help us afford to live our Purpose


At Purpostry, we believe anyone can learn to create multiple streams of income if they stopped believing that they need to attain mastery. 

Learning quicker with the Purpostry Principles


We teach a method called the Rapid Proficiency Method (RPM) to help our students achieve the proficiency they need in as short a time as possible.


It is often said that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. 


On the other hand, it takes less than half a day for our students have set up a proven income stream that gives a better return than the average small business in the US.  And this stream of income requires only an hour a month to manage.


We are able to help our students do this by leveraging the Purpostry Principles – which are Patterns, Rules and Laws that I observed, and by using these Patterns, Rules & Laws, we’re able to learn and do more, with less.


For instance, I don’t cook with recipes.  I learn patterns such as the mirepoix, which is a combination of carrots, celery and onions.  This pattern enables me to cook a wide variety of dishes by just knowing one pattern. 


If I were to learn each recipe individually, it would take a lot more effort, I wouldn’t be able to remember all of them, and so I would be able to cook far fewer dishes; the potential for error would be higher, and I would be unable to fix mistakes if problems were to come up.


Within Patterns, there are Rules and Laws.  Rules & Laws are Patterns that are obeyed to different extents.  For instance, the Law of time passing.  Time passing is inescapable, and I use that Law as a predictable pattern to make money with.


For instance, if I sell a coupon that expires in a month, I can allow 20 days to pass, and then buy the coupon back.  A coupon with a 10 day expiry is worth less than one with a 20 day expiry, and I can make the difference. 


There are of course many different ways of making money with time passing.


In fact, by combining different laws and rules, and adding real laws such as Tax Laws, and accounting principles, I have another stream of income that enables our students to buy income producing assets below liquidation value – so that even if the business owning the asset were to get shut down after they buy it, they make money! 


On top of that, this asset pays them an income that grows over time, and goes up in value, so their they are enjoying capital gains, their getting increments nearly annually, and they can get started from as little as $200!


And how did I come up with these income streams?


Many of them aren’t new.  They’re used by the wealthy and financially savvy for years.


The thing is, none of them have the motivation to teach anyone else about them.


And when people do teach these things, they’re often shrouded in jargon and a level of difficulty that one associates with mastery.


In fact, my students know my story.  I tried to learn some of these things too, and personally made multiple 7 figures and lost almost 7 figures while learning from some gurus.


After that, I learnt to stick to the things that I have personal experience in. 


If I’m teaching my students about investing in real estate through Real Estate Investment Trusts, I do it through the lens of a lawyer who advised one of the most prominent landlords in the world, which has now become one of the most prominent REITs.


If I’m teaching my students about investing in public businesses, I do it through the lens of a lawyer who’s been a company secretary of a mainboard listed, index company – the Singapore equivalent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index – the top 30 companies – as someone who used to have to sign off on disclosures and notices to the stock exchange.


If I’m teaching my students about starting businesses, I do it through the lens of someone who has extensive experience with start-ups.  Obviously, I’ve started my fair share of companies.  I’ve also worked in prominent startups.  But I’ve also been on the investment committees of billion-dollar funds, been on the board of directors 18 funds and numerous other private companies.  And I’ve worked on selecting and growing many of these companies from the ground to listing, and have raised over $700 million dollars in IPO exits, in countries from US to UK and Germany.


So I know what makes businesses work, and more importantly, what makes them fail.


And it is with this knowledge, that I managed the risk of starting my online business, and not only succeeded, but within months of starting, replaced my corporate lawyer’s paycheck, which took me 20 years to build to. 


And you can probably guess from the experience I’ve cited, that paycheck was significant, so to replace that in a matter of months, isn’t insignificant.


Now that doesn’t mean anything if only I can do it.  The good news is that some of our students have even surpassed this once I taught them how – and the secret is in Purpostry, not mastery.


What I’ve done is to use all this I gained during my corporate law career, and apply the Purpostry Principles of Patterns, Rules & Laws to them.  I then noticed the Patterns, Rules and Laws and combined them, just like I described earlier, sometimes with laws like tax laws and accounting principles, to create methods to help us consistently make money.


I then teach these principles to my students, and focus on giving them a deep understanding.  Once they have a deep understanding, I’ll gives them shortcuts. 


For instance, the stream of income where our students learn to purchase assets below liquidation value, and pays them regular income that grows over time, etc, with our shortcut, our students only need to take 2 simple steps!

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Avoid Mastery: Attain Rapid Proficiency with Purpostry 


This is possible because we let our Purpose determine the level of proficiency that we need.


For instance, many people drive, but most are not masters at driving.  There’s no need to attain mastery at driving.  In fact, learning to drive from a master driver, such as a Formula 1 or NASCAR champion could be outright dangerous!


How did they determine the level of proficiency they needed?  They let their Purpose lead.


Perhaps it’s to be able to drive their kids to school.  Or to be able to drive when they go on dates.


Knowing that level of proficiency is what was required, we didn’t need to learn from a master, and we didn’t need to attain mastery.


And it’s the same with creating various streams of income.  If one were to try to attain mastery, one would need 10,000 hours to master each income stream, that means that you’ll need 70,000 hours to master 7 income streams! 


Let’s put that in perspective.  70,000 hours is 2,917 days.  We can’t spend 24 hours a day mastering out income streams, afterall, we need to eat, sleep, etc.  So, if we spent 8 hours a day doing nothing but mastering our income streams, we would take 8,751 days.  There are about 260 working days a year, and if we worked every single one of those days, we would be at it for 33 years!


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend the next 33 years mastering various income streams!  No wonder most people don’t have more than 1 income stream!


Plus, learning from a master is dangerous. 


Let’s take the example of driving again, because that’s easy enough for most of us to relate to.   


When we learn from masters, besides them having taken the time to hone that craft to the point of mastery, most of them are naturally gifted. 


Let’s face it, most of us are not naturally gifted enough to do what the master can do, despite what a person who tries to teach us mastery might tell us, that “anyone can do it,” if they take the time to master their craft.


It takes a lot of natural gifting to be able to drive like Richard Petty with his 200 NASCAR wins, or Lewis Hamilton with his nearly 100 Formula One wins! 


So if we don’t have that level of natural gifting, we don’t have the time to practice 10,000 hours, then trying to do what a master can do, is downright dangerous!


Imagine learning to drive from a top race car driver, and then trying to drive on a professional racetrack, when all we wanted was to drive our kids to school!  I don’t know about you, but I might get killed trying to leave the pits, or at least get into some form of accident! 


As ridiculous as this driving examples sounds, many of us learn to make money from a master!  And then we get surprised when we don’t make money or even lose money!


We’re trying to learn to master a skill, when all we needed was to attain a level of proficiency that’s much lower than mastery – we only need to be skillful enough to create a second stream or third stream of income!


Since that’s our Purpose, and we know our Purpose, we don’t need mastery.


We need to the level of proficiency that can help us achieve our Purpose.


That is Purpose led Proficiency – letting your Purpose dictate the level of Proficiency you need.


We call this, Purpostry.


And once you know the level of proficiency needed, learn that skill from someone with the same Purpose as you, or at least someone who acknowledges the level of proficiency you want to achieve!


That’s the only way you’ll be able to create multiple streams of income – not with mastery, but with Purpostry.

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Seek Understanding, not "Magic Pills" or "Silver Bullets" 


But it’s harder to find someone who focuses on Purpostry rather than mastery.


Most Masters and Gurus will teach you to master a craft.  In fact, they’ll tell you that once you master that skill, you’ll be just like them.  But because it takes such a long time, with practice, and natural gifting, to master that skill, they create “magic pills” or “silver bullets” that can help “anyone” achieve that.


I’m certain you’ve come across many of those online. 


That said, many masters and gurus are good sincere people, who genuinely want to help others.  That’s why they came up with that “magic pill” or “silver bullet”.  But they’ve been taught, as we have that mastery is the only way to be skillful enough to benefit consistently from that skill.


That’s simply not true!


And trying to do something with a “magic pill” or “silver bullet” is downright dangerous. 


Let me give you another very personal example.


Back in the 2000s, I was learning to “trade” or to “invest” in the stock market.  I had made a good amount of money, my first couple of million in real estate in the boom, and put some of that money into the stock market.


Then in 2008 the housing bubble burst, and the financial crisis hit.  The S&P 500 crashed 57.7%.


I had 2 gurus give me conflicting advice.  One told me to cut my losses, and the other told me to average down, or buy more as prices got cheaper.


They both sounded like logical pieces of advice, so which do I listen to?


One was from a master trader, the other a master investor.


I didn’t know which to listen to because I didn’t even clearly understand the difference between the 2.  And if I had been clear on my Purpose, I would have known if I was investing or trading!


When the market is crashing, a trader will cut his losses, sell what he’s bought, or perhaps even “short sell” or sell what he hasn’t bought, when the market is going down.  He will follow the trend.


On the other hand, when the market is crashing, an investor will buy more.  Because what he buys is now on a greater discount, so why wouldn’t he buy more?


So what did I do?  I averaged down until I got to a nearly 7 figure loss and then I cut my losses tactically, so I only ended up losing several six figures.

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The importance of Understanding 


No one is to blame except me.


I was seeking mastery when I wasn’t even clear on what my Purpose for doing that was.  I just wanted to make more money.  If I had been clear if I was investing for long term gains, or trying to flip my trades for quick gains, I would have known better.


Because I wasn’t clear on my Purpose, I couldn’t get a clear understanding from either master.


Both these masters had silver bullets and magic playbooks.  And their playbooks worked most of the time, and certainly worked when the markets were going up.


But neither of their magic pill playbooks could foresee the S&P 500 crashing nearly 60%.  Yet it happens.


All that said, if you’re clear on your Purpose and you have a Deep Understanding, you will not end up losing that amount of money that I did.


So, are all shortcuts bad?


Not at all!  Shortcuts are good, if you have a Deep Understanding.  In fact, in our Programs, we give our students a Deep Understanding, and quickly follow that with a shortcut.


The shortcut is safe to use because they have a Deep Understanding, and they know their Purpose for building that Income Engine.


And so, if their Income Engine is Investment based, and they have that understanding, a market crash is the perfect time for them to build up a greater collection of companies that will make them more money in the long run!


As you can see, it comes back to knowing your Purpose, and letting your Purpose lead your Proficiency, or Purpostry.

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Isn't it dangerous not to have mastery? 


To answer that question, we need to ask – “What is the Purpose of Mastery?”


At Purpostry, we believe that everything goes back to Purpose and Understanding.  Once we know the Purpose we will Understand.


So, to understand if it’s dangerous not to have Mastery, we ask “what is the Purpose of Mastery?”


In the years of teaching this, I’ve asked numerous students.  Some have said it’s to be skillful, others said to consistently achieve results, or to avoid losing money.


All said and done, one seeks mastery for one simple reason – to attain greater certainty.


Whole industries have been created because of our need to be more certain.  Universities offer MBAs and EMBAs because people with non-business degrees like me, might need more certainty in our business abilities.  Or employers might need that certainty before giving a particular person that particular job.


Gurus and masters exist to give people more certainty, whether it’s through imparting skills, or through mindset coaching and positive thinking.


I’m a firm believer that having a great mindset is important for us to succeed, but it’s important to have the skills to back up that great mindset.


For instance, if I truly believed that I can be a great competitive race car driver, but I don’t have the skills to back that up, that great mindset could very well get me killed!


So, isn’t that saying that we need to Master the skills?


Again no!


Because we can let Purpose lead us to the level of skill that we need, and we can give you certainty that you can achieve your Purpose, without mastery!


In fact, we can give you not just certainty in your mind, but actual certainty through math.

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Achieving Actual Certainty with the Purpostry Decision Toolkit 


In our programs, we teach our students to achieve actual certainty by using the Purpostry Decision Toolkit.


This is a risk & reward framework that helps us make decisions that will help us win consistently, so that we can have consistent income.


We do this by managing the risk that we take to get a reward that we might enjoy for taking that risk.  This is based on a process that the most profitable companies use to stay consistently profitable.  But I’ve adapted it, so that it can be used from everything from deciding whether to change lanes or have a lie on a Saturday morning. 


This same math can be used to calculate how to price your products so that you can always stay profitable in any business you do.  And the math isn’t complex.  As an account friend used to say, if a lawyer can do the math, so can his 7 year old!


I don’t know about you, but I rather get my certainty through math and something that’s provable, than from just having a great mindset.

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How to learn Purpostry: The Understanding-Shortcut


And that’s how all our Programs work.


First I teach a concept.  Sometimes it’s something outlandish like mastery is not required, or you don’t have to be right all the time to consistently make money.

Then I will never ask you to take my word for it, I will always prove it to you.  Sometimes with explanations – like how you don’t need mastery, but Purpostry instead, and sometimes with math.

And it is through proving it to you that I will give you a Deep Understanding.


Besides having a Deep Understanding being good for you, as we’ve said earlier, you might have heard me say, that my Deep Purpose, which is the Deepest of the 4 Levels of Purpose in Purpostry, which is my reason for being, it’s what makes me tick, is, “understanding”.


I have a deep need to be understood.  And for me to be understood, I need to give you understanding.


And that’s the beauty of operating from your Deep Purpose.  As I’m being selfish by trying to be understood, I’m helping you understand, which is good for you – so you’ll always be able to operate on your own.  So you’ll never be in that position that I was when I nearly lost 7 figures. 


And that’s the power of operating from Purpose.  That’s how I run this business, Purpostry, and that’s how I teach my students to run their businesses.


So coming full circle to our Purpose giving us the power to create value, that’s how our students create more value in their businesses than anyone else.  Their businesses are driven by their Purpose.


Imagine that – they can be “selfish” about their own needs AND create value for their customers at the same time! 


Just like me giving you understanding.  If you value understanding, I’m confident I can give that to you more than a person who isn’t motivated by giving understanding.


And this is exactly what we’ve created with our brand new Mastery Not Required program.

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