"Knowing & understanding my deep purpose makes my life with my spouse, family, friends more enriching."

"Now I look at my investments... it's consistently higher..."

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"Five star, first class five.

If you want to be serious. I don't know of any other program out there. To get what you get in Purpostory.

This is 100 percent legit.

This is high core density, deep, the density of this program. The density level is, is, uh, first class high.

There are a bunch of gurus out there just throwing a bunch of tidbits and it don't work.

Hey, you need to get with Tim.

Because then, then you're going to get it taught to you the right way.

With investments now I look at them versus, uh, what I can squeeze out today in this next hour. Nothing like that. When I look at that first line that starts on the graph, is the end line higher than the first line that you start out with, three months, six months. Oh, it's consistent. It's consistently higher.

Way you come up front, hey, we're not, the intention is, you're not going to master anything, we don't want you to master anything. We want you to understand what your core is, what your deep purpose is.

When I know and I harness my deep purpose, I'm guaranteed of having a more enriching experience with everything in my life. 

I don't see that in the other programs. I see in any programs, it's like, you do this, this, this, and you'll be successful. You do this, this, you'll be successful. "Well, I did, but I'm not"... "Well, you got to get better at it, then you will." It's always like... that's all they have to work with.

And you, you now look standing back in comparison to how you're helping people understand, it's black and white.

What's very unique as far as, especially a mentor in your category, you're very sincere and you mean it.

You stand out above the rest, you're going to be ministering to a lot of people, Tim, a lot of people, because they're going to like, when they, when they get around me and they see me and me living my purpose now 24 7, because I'm harnessing it, thanks for you helping me own it, to where now I can harness and I dial in, they're going, wow, things have changed for you.

So I would say you gotta hang out with Tim. 

Join the program, go all in, and you're going to be so glad you did. Guaranteed. Guaranteed. If you called me up and said, "Hey, I finally kind of got in a situation where I'm going to go on the deep dive, and I'm going to do it" good for you.

I'm going to know you're going to be okay for the rest of your life."